21st Century Panthers

The panther first appeared in Cartier jewelry in 1914. At the time it was an imitation of the wild animal’s spotted color ornament, laid out with diamonds and onyx on ladies’ watches. Thirty-four years later, Jeanne Toussaint, the brand’s first woman jeweler, elevated the panther to a cult status and launched the Panthère de Cartier collection in 1948, a universe that now includes not only watches and jewelry, but also fragrances, evening bags and eyewear.

Cartier has added new members to the panther pack: rings, bracelets, watches and necklaces in pink, yellow and white gold. Pure and minimalistic casual with only emerald eyes, discreet and luxurious with spots of onyx or generously studded with diamonds for special occasions.

For Cartier, the modern interpretation of the iconic symbol is the epitome of feminine freedom and sensuality, so we are sure that the jewelry will find its worthy owners.

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