A collection of fine jewelry from Farah Khan and Tanishq

When a stellar Indian jewelry designer joins forces with the country’s premier jewelry brand, magic happens.
Farah Khan for Tanishq’s collection exudes the atmosphere so intrinsic to the young designer’s recognizable style. The line includes diamond pendants, earrings and rings made of yellow gold. Rubies, emeralds, pearls, citrines and amethysts give each piece a unique character and a rich, cheerful color – you just can’t miss such jewelry!

Pearl, ruby and diamond pendant set in yellow gold, as well as a matching pair of earrings with pearls, rubies and diamonds.

As in Farah Khan’s previous works, each piece of jewelry combines features of classic and modernist design and will suit both ethnic and contemporary outfits. Khan was honored to have the opportunity to work with the country’s leading jewelry brand.

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Creating a collection for Tanishq using my design aesthetic and sensibility was a wonderful experience, because Tanishq and my brand, Farah Khan Fine Jewellery, share many values and beliefs.

Farah Khan

Tanishq is known for its strictest quality control, exceptionally skilled craftsmen, and a blended approach to design that incorporates both traditional techniques and newfangled trends. All this allows the company to create jewelry that is perfect for every Indian woman. The invitation to collaborate with Farah is the first time in the brand’s history when the company invited a popular Indian designer to create a collection under its brand.

Tanishq representatives also found many similarities between Farah Khan’s trademark and her own brand. Khan’s design philosophy and meticulous research behind each of her fashion creations delighted Tanishq management and soon a three-year contract was signed between the two parties. Farah Khan for Tanishq’s jewelry collection will be available exclusively at select Tanishq boutiques across India.

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