A ring with an emerald is the main object of desire even for those who do not like jewelry

You have to admit, we all are a little envious when we see a new lucky owner of a ring with an emerald in our Instagram feed. Today, it is every girl’s main dream, and in spite of the impressive size of the emerald itself, you may wear such a ring every day. So, where to look for the most beautiful pieces?

White gold earrings with emeralds and diamonds and white gold rings with emeralds and diamonds, all Mercury.

When it comes to the emerald ring, the first thing to think about is the cut. The most spectacular are the octagonal or radiant, as well as the oval, classic or cushion. Pear is also very popular, but it is more appropriate for a formal event or a red carpet. Emerald is usually accompanied by diamonds that accentuate its rich hue – either as a track, or hugging it, or two large trapezoidal, round-cut, trillion or epaulettes. On wide rings, rows of baguette-cut diamonds are often set on two sides, a shape that emphasizes the emerald’s size and visually makes it appear larger.

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Also, more laconic pieces with a small emerald in a cushion or baguette shape are very popular: such rings are easy to combine with others. The most spectacular method is to dress up each finger on the hand in a different ring, combining different gemstones. In this case, you can mix white gold with yellow or pink, as in the lookbook of Milou jewelry store.

Here are five of the most beautiful emerald rings we’ve recommended.

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