A watch for every day, just like Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant is rarely seen without her watch. It seems to be always on her left wrist – just below the sleeve of a cropped jacket or a tailored sweater.

“The watch is my memory of my father.”

said Maran, noting that she most often wears his watch.

Today the designer released her first watch collection. It was made in Switzerland. Three sapphire crystal dials – square, oval and round – are complemented by bracelets made of metal mesh, leather and velvet. At the heart of each pair is a Flatline quartz movement.

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The square 12.04 model is named after Maran herself’s date of birth (April 12) and is inspired by her father’s watch. She first tried to reinterpret them back in 2013.

Watches 12.04 Isabel Marant

“In a way it was very selfish. I needed a different watch for every day, because if there’s one thing in my life that I’m afraid of losing, it’s my father’s watch.”

says Isabel.

Two other models – round 10.05 and oval 28.07 – are named after the dates of the designer’s business partners. The price of one pair of watches starts from €490.

“It may be strange since I wear a watch every day, but I never look at the time. I know exactly what time it is without even looking at it! That said, I love that it’s practical jewelry,” says the designer. There are many ways to make a watch, but my goal was to create something classic that you will never get tired of, that you will keep for a lifetime and then, perhaps, pass on to future generations.”

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