Additions to the SnowChic collection by Alexander Arne

Additions to the SnowChic collection by Alexander Arne

The jewelry house released an addition to its SnowChic collection inspired by sparkling snowflakes.
In anticipation of the holiday season, the brand’s designers, inspired by the natural pattern of snowflakes, expanded the capsule line, offering new jewelry with decorative ornaments reminiscent of frozen water crystals.

This pattern’s recognizable two crossed infinity symbols – the Alexander ARNE logo – is traditionally embodied in white gold with a scattering of colorless diamonds. Now, however, the collection includes jewelry for those who prefer warmer shades: the same pattern is presented in pink and yellow gold with yellow and blue sapphires, or with yellow and cognac diamonds – as if the light of Christmas garlands painted the falling flakes of snow in different colors.

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In the new collection you can add original bracelets and amazing sparkling tiara to the laconic rings and pendants. But no matter what SnowChic jewelry you choose, you will never leave the snowy mood of New Year this winter.

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