An extremely rare purple diamond weighing 30.8 carats was found

A secondary ore processing plant in Kimberley, South Africa, announced the discovery of a diamond with exceptional gemological characteristics.
Secondary, or residual, ore is waste material from diamond mines. It’s not uncommon for secondary ore to contain gemstones, and to keep them out of the waste stream, Batla Minerals has set up the Superkolong plant, which processes secondary ore from De Beers’ Kimberley mine. Each month the plant mines about 15,000 carats of diamonds, mostly of the lower quality categories

However, there are also exceptions: this time a massive purple diamond weighing nearly 31 carats was found in the secondary ore and named Kimberley Purple.

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Jean Retief, the general director of Batla Minerals Corporation, said that Kimberley Purple diamond finding not only justifies the activity of Superkolong plant in general, but also emphasizes its potential in finding unique gemological objects

The Kimberley Purple will be presented to the general public in Antwerp, Belgium. The sale is scheduled for the next month. It should be noted that since purple diamonds are extremely rare in nature, they usually cost more than $1 million per carat.

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