Atelier Munsteiner – innovators in stone cutting

A German jewelry brand that specializes in giving gemstones unusual shapes that are alien to convention and coveted all over the world.
Unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry is created from beryls, tourmalines, garnets, amethysts, citrines, ametrines, fire opals, rock crystal and rutile quartz using fancy, innovative cuts.

Atelier Munsteiner necklace with 52.9 carat tourmaline and round diamond; Atelier Munsteiner earrings in yellow gold with six colorful tourmalines

How it all began

Bernd Munsteiner is renowned for his unparalleled stone-cutting skills, for which he has even earned the nickname “Picasso of gems” among his colleagues. Born into a family of stone cutters, he studied at the highly regarded School of Arts and Crafts in Pforzheim, known as the Golden City for its long history of jewelry success.

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Finding that the art of cutting and polishing gemstones had remained virtually unchanged since the Renaissance, Bernd decided to develop daring new techniques and techniques. His frivolous approach to stone-cutting was met with some skepticism at first, but the trend for modernist jewelry soon caught up with him, and the jeweler won numerous prestigious international awards.

Atelier Munsteiner rings: with green tourmaline; with three different-colored tourmalines and a diamond; with two-color tourmaline

When Bernd began his business 40 years ago, he pioneered the use of rock crystal in his work as a modern jeweler. Concentrating on transparent stones, he cut and polished the crystals into sculptural and geometric shapes before framing them in gold or platinum.

Munsteiner’s New Generation

Today, his son Tom and daughter-in-law Jutta are also part of the business, and they each bring their own set of jewelry skills to Atalier Munsteiner’s pool of expertise.

Like his father, Tom Munsteiner is crazy about rock crystal and treats it like a sculptor, cutting stones into shapes that combine strict geometric lines and softer, organic shapes.

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Jutta, on the other hand, who originally focused more on jewelry design, has also developed her cutting skills over time and now works with her husband and father-in-law to create sophisticated jewelry for the modern consumer.

Rejecting the ideal cutting standards that had dominated jewelry for a century, Bernd Munsteiner went against the conservatism of an entire industry, but the risk paid off, as the masterpieces coming out of the Atelier Munsteiner workshops are now highly prized around the world.

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