Be trendy: five pairs of reversible earrings

One of the main jewelry trends this year are double-sided earrings and stud earrings!

The October issue of JCK jewelry magazine devotes a separate page to them – and it’s a sign of the attention modern fashionistas (especially those under the age of 35) are paying to them. Double-sided earrings shine with a precious ornament on each side of your ear. The gemstone or pattern at the back is often larger than its mate at the front, so the imbalance of mass allows the back end to be visible in profile.

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And pousset earrings are a similar form factor, in which the earring consists of a main through-and-through piece and a companion piece that can be removed and put on top of the main piece as desired. This jewelry can be both lushly adorned with gems and unusually minimalistic, short, long and rounded, depending on the taste of its wearer, but all these styles echo the modern aesthetic that has come into fashion this year.

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