Black Ceramic Caviar Collection by Lagos

Jewelry designer Stephen Lagos decided to use the mesmerizing bottomless black color as the basis for his new ceramic jewelry collection.
“I wanted to redefine the image of caviar,” Lagos told me in an interview for the release of the new collection, which will retail in September. – “I love the smooth surface of the ceramics and the wide range of colors and shades. Ceramics have opened up new design horizons for me.”

The use of black ceramic beads, on the one hand, helped the author to reinterpret the image of a calf, and on the other hand, allowed to remain in the paradigm of My LAGOS My Way, which encourages the owners of Lagos jewelry to create their own individual image, without limiting their creativity.

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Bracelets became the basis of the collection, as their shape is especially popular with our customers. A woman in the Lagos style is 100% sure of herself and is not afraid to adjust the jewelry to herself.

Company representative

The new Black Ceramic Caviar bracelets feature elegant gold and silver accents, with the gold versions featuring a smoother, more feminine shape. The line offers 10 pieces with prices starting at $450.

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