Bohemme will take part in the Hong Kong Jewellery Show

The premium Spanish jewelry brand will take part in the Hong Kong show for the first time and present its new Sahara Nights collection.
The Hong Kong Jewellery Show will be held from March 4 to 8, 2015 and Bohemme will not come empty-handed. The Sahara Nights collection is dedicated to the world-famous desert and its picturesque dunes.

The beauty and complexity of products is striking: the dark part of each piece of jewelry represents the wavy traces of wind in the sand, and the central stone glitters like a star in the night sky. Rhodium-plated silver, white gold and colorless topazes were used to create it.

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Representatives of the company shared the concept of the collection – A night in the Sahara does not mean you are alone. A night in the Sahara is a dream under a million stars. Nights in the Sahara are a true pleasure….

Every Aesta collection has its own story, and Sahara Nights, of course, was no exception. The idea was born one starry night when the company manager, Antonio Espalio, found himself alone in the middle of the desert. At first he panicked. Not a sound could be heard, there was no sign of civilization around, not a single soul. Just him, the silence and all the stars of the universe. And then he realized he was not alone. He realized that he was protected by the naked beauty of the Cosmos itself.

We don’t follow fashion, we create trends.

Bohemme, which originated in Cordoba, Spain, literally burst onto the world stage in 2010 and was warmly received by the public. The brand has gone from strength to strength, and today you can buy Bohemme jewelry in 25 countries. This, of course, would not have been possible without the skill and dedication of each member of the talented team, who work daily to achieve exceptional results.

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