Brand: GFase

GFase is an Italian fashion jewelry brand created by Eva Maria Solntseva, who long ago left her fiefdom for the beauty of Florence. And her jewelry workshops – it is the Tuscan school that is responsible for the main patterns and motifs of the key collection Lions & Lilies. It was decided to add some black leather details to the silver and gems jewelry not just for the sake of rocker mood, but also as a tribute to the fact that leatherwork is another traditional craftsmanship for Florence. The lily is a symbol of the city and is guarded (in the form of sculptures, frescoes and mascarons) by quite a few lions. More – only in Venice.

Chic and stylistic – rocky, but not gloomy. All these chains, bracelets and chokers can be played in different ways. Besides, there are two really unusual pieces in the collection: an eye patch for dashing people who attend costume parties diligently and a collapsible cocktail straw that can easily fit even into a clutch.

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