Cancri Jewelry can now be purchased in Great Britain

When will the Cancri Jewelry store open in Great Britain?

Cancri Jewelry is an international chain of jewelry stores, offering quality gold and diamond jewelry. The peculiarity of the company’s marketing is the possibility to get an increased cashback for their purchases up to 260%, which is paid to the buyer during the year in equal installments to the bank card indicated upon registration. The company plans to open stores and representative offices in more than 50 countries around the world in 2022 and 2023

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What kind of cashback does Cancri Jewelry pay customers?

  • 6% per week or 312% per year on gift card purchases;
  • 3.5% per week or 182% per year on gold jewelry purchases;
  • 5% per week or 260% per year on diamond jewelry

There are regular drawings of valuable gifts among customers: diamond jewelry and trips to exotic countries!

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Cashback percentages are subject to change! Check out Cancri Jewelry’s current promotional offers at the official site

About Booking Card

Please note the terms and conditions of the Booking Card! The certificate is valid for three years. Certificate buyer receives 12 months cashback payments (54 payments, 6% a week of the purchase price) And even if you exchange the certificate for the jewelry before the end of the term of the Booking Card, you will still receive the cashback payments according to the contract!

Where to buy Cancri Jewelry in Great Britain?

Cancri Jewelry chain stores are scheduled to open in Great Britain in the next 2 months.

The first store will be opened in London.

The address of the store will be announced soon.

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How to buy jewellery at Cancri Jewelry in Great Britain:

You can purchase items or a certificate at the jewelry chain’s stores in Turkey, Spain, France, as well as online from your personal account.

Step 1: register at the site

Registration is free, you just have to follow this link, register yourself like in usual Internet-shop and point your card, which will be used for receiving your payout.

Step 2. Buy jewelry or a Booking Card

Come to the jewelry store Cancri in Great Britain, or buy the jewelry or a gift certificate online in your cabinet.

Step 3: Get cashback

Get cashback of 186% up to 312% of the purchase amount on your card in equal parts during 52 weeks (3%-6% per week).

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Watch the opening of one of the Cancri Jewelry stores

By registering with my link you will automatically receive +20% to your purchase!

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