Clogau presented its new Fall/Winter 2015 collections

Welsh jewelry brand Clogau released new collections with an emphasis on rose gold, pearls and semi-precious stones.

Peacock Throne by Clogau

When creating the Peacock Throne collection, Clogau jewelers were inspired by the golden throne of the Mughal paddishah Shah Jahan, made in the early 17th century. Silver steps with precious stones led to the throne. The throne itself was decorated with two jeweled peacock feathers made of enamel, diamonds, and other precious stones. The Clogau Peacock Throne collection is made of 750 gold.

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Jewelry from the Ar Dân collection by Clogau

The name of the collection Ar Dân means flaming in Welsh. This collection of jewelry for everyday wear is made of diamonds, transparent chalcedony, red rhodolite and blue topaz, set in yellow, pink and white gold.
The Tree of Life Pearl collection offers a fresh take on the theme of pearls. Finally, the Affinity collection pays tribute to the heritage of the Welsh people.

The collections, named Peacock Throne, Ar Dân, Tree of Life Pearl and Affinity, will be launched this August.

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