Colored jewelry is a summer masthead

Summer is a time when you especially want to wear bright colors, experiment with the palette, changing the usual basic, and dress up. To go deeper in your exerts with color, we advise to look closely and to jewelry with colored gemstones – a large ring in the form of a blue rose or coral earrings can breathe new life into even the most simple everyday set of a T-shirt plus jeans or in a strict pantsuit.

Naivety is a trend that has caught on in the jewelry industry as well. Daisies and butterflies will be appropriate not only on the dress in the crochet technique, but also on the ears, neck, fingers and hand, only with diamond petals and enameled wings. Colored jewelry, by the way, is very fond of Blanca Miro – the stylist and designer combines them with laconic pieces of yellow gold, thus proving their versatility.

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Such jewelry, despite its brightness and often impressive size, can be worn every day, combining it with outfits of basic colors. For example, Maya Gemstones brand Zigzag ring studded with colored sapphires can be worn with other colored rings, creating a contrasting composition on the hand. And Mercury earrings in the form of daisies will look great with a light airy dress as well as with a classic shirt and a leather pencil skirt. Topaz reminiscent of marmalade in Pomellato jewelry will complement not only doll’s dresses of candy and berry colors, but also beach outfits, which we continue to compose, getting ready for the cherished vacation.

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