David Webb’s $1.2 million pearl earrings

Gold and platinum earrings with detachable pearl drops, adorned with a circular sunburst ornament of gold leaves with diamonds. Sounds mesmerizing!
Philanthropist Noreen Stonour Drexel, who passed away in 2012 at the age of 90, is perhaps best known for her tireless work for the Red Cross and other health care organizations. But in addition to her invaluable contributions to charities, the Newport, Rhode Island-born Noreen also left behind some absolutely delightful jewelry – like these earrings from the David Webb jewelry house.

On Dec. 10, 2013, at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in New York City, this pearl-and-brilliant jewel snatched up an unimaginable $1.2 million in sales, nearly ten times the sale price predicted by analysts. The earrings were a family heirloom in the Drexel family for decades, and in the 1960s were given to David Webb for refinishing.

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This is an exquisite pair of perfectly matched natural pearls, and the earrings are in excellent condition

Daphne Lingon said,Vice President and Lead Specialist at Christie’s

Daphne Lingon also adds that David Webb’s regular customers often asked him to rework the family jewels to give them a more modern look.

He always created jewelry in his own unique and distinctive style, while retaining the most important elements of the original jewelry

admires Lingon

You don’t have to look far to find an example – in creating these stylish earrings, Webb acted wisely by letting the dazzling pearls take center stage in the jewelry composition.

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