Double debut: Tacori presents Legend and Retro Classic collections for men

The jewelry brand Tacori knows exactly what men want – and we’re not talking about what you think!
Tacori decided to think in terms of carefully crafted solid design, large-sized jewelry and stylish stones such as black onyx, hematite, “tiger iron” (a natural blend of several precious minerals, including jasper) and even stainless steel inlays.

Cufflinks of silver, gold and topaz. Silver ring with diamonds.

This fall the Glendale, California-based jewelry house introduced two new collections for real gentlemen – Legend and Retro Classic – and jewelry from the new line can already be found on store shelves. Expect a dose of California nonchalance and James Deneske style in the first, consisting of 34 models, and the inherent charm of the finest outfits in the second, made up of 17 pieces of jewelry.

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Retail prices start at $360 for bracelets and $410 for rings, but tie clips can be had for as little as $240. The entire collection consists of jewelry made from sterling silver and 18-karat gold, as well as a small number of diamonds. Looking for a gift for the stylish man in your life has never been easier!

Ring in silver with hematite and opaz. Gold ring with tiger iron inlay

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