Elements 5. Reviews of the jewelry company.

Elements 5 reviews

How to buy jewelry for maximum profit? Check out cashback features from Elements 5 Jewellery Club

This article will be helpful not only to lovers of beautiful jewelry, but to those who wish to increase their investment quickly.

Many of you have no doubt already heard about the jewelry company Elements Five from your friends or from advertisements on Facebook. Yes, genuine testimonials about Elements Five Jewelry Club are essential to discover prior to purchasing jewelry so firstly to purchase real high quality actual gold items and secondly not to lose one’s cash by investing in diamonds and gemstones.

Read the article: Best Jewelry Cashback 2022, where we have collected the best cashback offers from jewelry brands. Thanks to these bonus offers you will buy jewelry made of gold and silver, diamonds and moissanites with the maximum profit.

Below will be a review of investment offers from Elements 5 and real reviews from buyers and investors of this jewelry brand.

Reviews on Elements 5 Club

Elements 5 Club is a global network of jewelry stores offering customers a unique marketing strategy and bonus program. Customers who purchase gemstones and gold jewelry get increased cash back up to 364%! Bonuses are paid out monthly or weekly (your choice).

Yes, this is no typo, indeed, if one buys jewelry at Elements 5 online shop, he gets both the money he paid plus two times the value of the product – profit for a year.

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Terms of purchase for Elements 5 jewelry

Jewelry company ELEMENTS 5 offers customers to buy precious stones to create a custom jewelry piece. Making purchases online from anywhere in the world – you automatically become a member of the project and earn cashback on your purchase.

Current cashback terms for jewelry purchases in 2022:

  • 2% per week or 208% p.a. on diamond purchases;
  • 5% per week or 364% p.a. on the purchase of Moissanites

Cash back percentages may vary, and promotions may change. You can find these details on the website. There are also regular draws of valuable prizes for customers: diamonds and trips to exotic locations!

Elements 5 PDF presentation Download

How to buy Elements 5 jewelry?

The best way to purchase gems is through the Elements 5 Jewelry club website. There is an enormous selection of diamonds and Moissanite stones in the store’s collection.

In your personal cabinet select the type of product: diamond or moissanite. Then, choose the package with the bonus program, depending on which you will get cashback into the balance.

Deposit and withdrawal of Elements 5

The minimum amount for online purchase in Elements 5 is 100 USD.

Buyers can purchase with popular cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, DOGE, LTC, DASH, which are immediately converted to USD.

The first cash back payment comes in seven days or a month after purchasing, depending on the plan chosen. Payments of accrued cashbacks are made “on demand” into any cryptocurrency wallet within 24 hrs. You can track your transactions and accrued cashbacks through the Statistics section of your personal account.

How to sign up for ELEMENTS 5

The interface of the user account is as simple as it can get, and deserves only positive feedback. Registration and working with the site won’t cause any problems. To sign up, go through this link. You’ll open a page of registration where you must provide basic information about yourself, enter e-mail, name, name and choose a password (to specify a mobile phone number). Save the data securely so they won’t be lost later. Click “Register” and you’ll receive a confirmation code via e-mail. Enter this code into the box below.

Elements 5 affiliate program reviews

For active users, the purchase of invited friends can earn them affiliate rewards. There are a total number of 14 affiliate ranks, each one corresponding to a specific amount of attraction to the project, depending on which rank you have. The first line earns you 5%, the second 6%, the third 7%, and so forth until the last line where you get 18%.

If your partners reach levels too, you will additionally receive the difference between their level and yours, almost infinitely deep.

Where does Elements 5 profit from?


Elements 5 team reveal all information of the jewelry business.

Consider the example of buying a Diamond: purchase price of 1 carat = $800, sale price = $10,000. The average extra charge on a stone is 1250%.

The company shares profits with the client: cashback – max 208%, payments throughout the year. Company profit – 1042%. This is enough for business development and scaling of outlets.

Buying a Moissanite stone: purchase price = $200, selling price = $2000. Markup – 1000%. Cashback – max 364%, payments throughout the year.636% ELEMENTS 5 puts into circulation. Buys a new product, opens retail outlets, pays salaries to the team.

ELEMENTS 5 promotions


Anyone who makes a purchase of $100 or more is guaranteed to receive a VALUABLE gift – a product worth about $1000. This is a great opportunity to get to know Moissanite stone FROM ELEMENTS 5 BRAND!

Promo starts on October 1st!

To receive a GIFT:

  • After paying for the purchase, a button will appear on the platform of your personal account to PICK A GIFT.
  • Next, you need to fill in the data for registration of delivery.
  • The gift will arrive by mail to your address in a few days.

ELEMENTS 5 has an international logistics system. Shipments are made worldwide. You will be able to evaluate the quality work of the company and its mobility.

Elements 5 reviews

You’ve probably seen lots of different reviews about Elements5, both good and bad. One thing is certain – the project has already made loads of noise not just on the internet but also at jewelry shows across Thailand, Milan and Barcelona. They’re currently registered in Panama and are actively expanding worldwide. The jewelry network has an enormous amount of support from both regular customers and investors. It’s hard not to notice the strong promotion of Elements5 brand both online and offline! The company plans to open representatives offices in more than 50 nations.

Negative reviews of Elements 5 are mostly common in the HYIP environment. Because the project is already well-known in the jewelry market, and among YouTube-bloggers and MLM structures – and this is a very large audience of professional HYIP-investors who are interested in promoting their pyramids, so they are ready to throw mud at any competitors.

Photos from Elements 5 customers who received the jewelry with delivery:

Elements 5 plans for 2022 – 2023

Elements 5 presented its five year development plan! The global goal is to reach 137 partner countries, 137 retail outlets on all 5 continents, and to take the brand into the top ranks of diamond and moissanite sales worldwide.

The main goal of Elements 5 company is to develop jewelry industry consultants, to create demand of luxury products, offering partners a unique model of interaction with this market. A successful B2B model will bring together partners from different countries. ELEMENTS 5 marketing strategy guarantees the speed of sales on an attractive product. Jewellery Brand offer partners regular profits from personal purchases and from turnover of their network.

Elements 5 exhibition in Milan

Elements 5 team is preparing an unusual format for the international jewelry community. Partners will stay in one of the best hotels in Milan! The guests will be presented with a light show, where the products of the ELEMENTS 5 brand will be presented. At the exhibition-conference, Elements 5 will give gifts from the company to everyone. The program includes a visit to a Michelin-starred restaurant.  At dinner, you will be able to make new acquaintances and share business ideas with other partners. A sightseeing tour of Milan and a rare wine storage will be the highlight of the tour.

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