Elie Top’s debut jewelry collection

The designer made a name for himself creating jewelry collections for Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent and other famous fashion houses. Now Elie Top decided to launch his own brand.
Creating his first independent collection, Mécaniques Célestes, Elie Top did not deny himself anything and resolutely mixed elements of the present, the past and the future.

Necklace Pluto from the Mécaniques Célestes collection by Elie Top

At first glance, the cosmic design of Eli Top’s debut collection looks somewhat straightforward. The shapes and ideas are very simple: gleaming silver, massive chains, engraved gems. But as soon as you take a closer look at these earrings, rings and pendants, a whole universe unfolds before us in miniature, captivating with its colors and delicate details.

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Similarly to the Rose Des Vents collection by Dior, Elie Top made tiny observation windows in each jewelry piece, through which you can see the inner beauty of the product. Miniature planets made of faceted gems such as chrysoprase, agate and lapis lazuli rest on the jewelry front side. The planet can be hidden from view under a dome of gold or silver.

Describing this unique functionality, Elie notes that the stone can be shown or hidden depending on her mood.

Isn’t every woman a universe that decides for herself whether to reveal herself or remain mysterious?

the designer asks

The silver on the jewelry looks vintage for a reason, as it was treated with a special technique proposed back in the 1950s. The metal is first artificially darkened (to simulate oxidation) and then carefully polished, and the resulting pattern becomes extraordinarily three-dimensional, creating the effect of a heavy frowning sky overhanging the sphere of a miniature planet. This blends beautifully with the glittering gold elements of the composition and emphasizes the sparkle of the diamond accents.

Combining present, past and future in the Mécaniques Célestes collection, Elie Top applied 3D printing technology in some of the jewelry. And inlaying the rings with tiny diamonds decorating the folds and intersections of individual elements required a truly mathematical precision from the craftsmen and 100x magnification at work.

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