Engagement Rings by Lily Kamper

A line of custom engagement rings from jewelry designer Lily Camper will make a bride truly special.
British jeweler Lily Camper has long been a favorite of jewelry publications. Her precise, colorful pendants are a true designer’s work. She recently upped the ante and made a spectacular debut in the field of high-end jewelry. Today, however, we’re taking a look at a collection of engagement rings from the Lily Kamper brand that are bound to make their wearers truly happy.

These rings, inspired by Art Deco architecture and made of a colorful combination of sapphires, diamonds and enamel fragments, can be worn individually or in various combinations.

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The rings are made exclusively to order in London, and this is a great opportunity to celebrate the most important event in life with a completely unique item.

So we recommend that brides start hinting to the man they love or contact Lily directly to become the owner of their dream ring as soon as possible.

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