Excalibur Superbia by Roger Dubuis for $858,500

At this year’s Watches & Wonders exhibition, Roger Dubuis unveiled a new Excalibur Superbia watch. According to the creators, the product is “the epitome of excess”.

Excalibur Superbia watch by Roger Dubuis

The name of the novelty reflects the designers’ idea: “superbia” from Latin translates as “pride” – one of the seven deadly sins.

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The case is made of white gold with the addition of palladium. The entire surface of the watch including the flange, bezel and crown is adorned with 600 colorless diamonds and blue sapphires. According to Roger Dubuis, each stone is first given a tetrahedron shape, essential for seamless inlaying. Moreover, after the final treatment, each of the 238 precious stones placed on the case is given a unique shape.

It takes about 30 minutes to create one groove on a stone. That is, it takes about 900 hours to process all 600 diamonds. Another 420 hours are needed to inlay them.

Excalibur Superbia set with diamonds and sapphires

The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Superbia features the innovative RD108S double flying tourbillon mechanism. This technology was inspired by the legendary Roger Dubuis calibre launched in 2005, the first double regulator movement coupled with a differential. The new movement has been enlarged in size and adorned with a star set with diamonds. The Excalibur Superbia model is priced at $858,500.

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