Geometry: original patterned jewelry by Nikos Koulis

For the past five years Nikos Koulis has been proving in practice that traditional goldwork patterns and lace can be beautifully reconciled with minimalism and the universal craving for brevity. It is enough just to replace a curl or two with a severe acute angle without abandoning the lace airiness of cocktail and evening jewelry to obtain jewels which exist in the past, present and future at once.

From season to season Nikos Koulis patterned novelties at once and remind the jewelry canons of American Art Deco, and well echo the current trends (recall that they are now set by jewelry), and fans of diamond futurism will love. In the new collection, called Lingerie, the contrast of smooth pearl iridescence of pearls and piercing glitter of diamonds, cut in sharp trapezoids and triangles or covering linear pavées of the same shape is beautifully played.

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