Gold and black in the new Swell collection by Vicenta Agora

Swell included a lot of blue and green jewelry inspired by the sea, but perhaps the most impressive pieces were in black and gold.
It’s hard not to fall under the spell of the combination of black and gold – this color combination is always in fashion (not without reason Dolce & Gabbana resorts to it so often), and for some categories of people – Manhattan marketing editors, for example – black and gold is part of the unspoken dress code. But Agor is by no means determined to cash in on a popular trend: he created this jewelry in admiration for the abysses of the sea.

The Swell collection was inspired by the mysteries at the bottom of the ocean. It is perhaps one of the last places on Earth that we have yet to explore in detail.

Vincent Agor

That may be true, but looking at the rutile-coated quartz jewelry designed by Agor, one thinks not about the depths of the sea, but about how great it would be to match it with a pair of black leather leggings, a gold embroidered T-shirt, and metallic nail polish.

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However, a long necklace with gold and black spinel evokes a more poetic picture: a secluded lake somewhere in India, a summer night, allowing you to swim one last time before the water gets completely cold, the night sky, riddled with tiny diamonds of stars. With this necklace around your neck, you’ll be able to maintain your summer mood even after the first snow falls.

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