Gold Collection by Zina Sterling

After 30 years of making silver jewelry, Zina Sherman decided to take up gold again and presented a large collection of fine, basic jewelry.
The fact that Zina Sherman started her business more than 30 years ago making gold rather than silver jewelry may surprise many. Andrew Goldstein, her son and now vice president of Zina Sterling Silver, explains why his mother decided to take the family business to silver: “At the time, gold was much more expensive, and Zina wanted to make larger jewelry, and she also wanted to differentiate herself from my grandfather, who was a gold and diamond manufacturer in Florida.

But three decades later, intense competition in the silver jewelry category and numerous requests from the company’s customers to include basic gold jewelry in Zina Sterling’s lines suggested to Sherman that it was time to return to her gold roots

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Our clients told us that they just couldn’t find simple gold jewelry on the market that wasn’t too banal or studded with an exorbitant amount of diamonds.

Goldstein explains

Therefore, at the JCK Las Vegas show the firm presented a collection of 65 models, in which it used 14-carat gold for the first time. So far, the collection includes gold “twins” of the company’s best-selling silver lineup, with recommended retail prices starting at $360.

We thought that if this jewelry sold exceptionally well being made in silver, there was no reason why it would not be successful in gold.

Goldstein says

So far, about 15 retailers have ordered the gold collection. The feedback from most has been more than great. “We try to offer moderate prices, so the trade markup for gold jewelry is lower than for silver,” Goldstein notes, admitting that he was more afraid of the price increase than the customers. He tried offering jewelry stores a lighter, cheaper product, but they refused.

“Customers say they want that sense of weight,” he says, “They want substantial, weighty jewelry, which surprises me, because I was sure they would ask us to make the cheapest jewelry possible, but in practice it turned out not to be that way.”

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