Heart pendant – the most touching gift

After watching Titanic, we all dreamed of a heart necklace. Even years later, when we are all grown up, it is still the most touching piece of jewelry for us, a reminder of the powerful impression Jack and Rose’s love story made on us as children.

Heart-shaped necklaces are adored by Hollywood stars and monarchs alike. A heart-shaped pendant adorned with precious stones can also be appropriate in everyday life – it all depends on the design. For every day, small pendants without a diamond border are ideal, and if you choose jewelry for a special occasion, give preference to heavier, larger pieces.

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Today, jewelry houses continue to be inspired by the symbol of love and experiment with its shape. For example, the British brand Garrard released a collection of Aloria jewelry inspired by the legendary order of the British royal family. At that time, in 1910, the house jewelers created a scepter with the most expensive Cullinan I diamond in the world and framed it with a heart-shaped edging. This detail has become a Garrard’s visiting card and the new Aloria collection is fully devoted to it – pendants with colored diamonds are created for those who are close to minimalism.

We chose five of the most beautiful necklaces and pendants for you.

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