Her Majesty brings back the fashion for brooches

This season, the brooch is more relevant than ever: from an old-fashioned piece of jewelry, it has become one of the most coveted accessories of 2015.

There are many unique pieces of jewelry in the Elizabeth II collection, but the Jardine Star brooch stands out among them. Executed in the traditional style brooch is decorated with eight diamond rays diverging from the central composition. It was a gift from Lady Jardine to the Queen in 1981.

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One of Queen Elizabeth II’s most famous brooches is the Jardine Star brooch

As you know, in September Elizabeth II broke her great-great-grandmother’s record for the length of her reign. Perhaps that’s why she wore a diamond bow brooch, once owned by Queen Victoria, at a speech in Scotland to commemorate this momentous occasion. It was one of three pieces of jewelry that Victoria commissioned from the jeweler Garrard in 1858. It took 506 diamonds to make them.

During a speech in Scotland, Queen Elizabeth II wore Queen Victoria’s bow brooch.
Photo: Scott Heppell

Many people associate the word brooch itself with something dusty and old-fashioned. Maybe that’s why jewelry houses often prefer to call this type of jewelry “pins.” However, in fact, with the right approach, a brooch can become a versatile, stylish piece of jewelry that adds elegance to a daytime outfit and sparkle to an evening one.

As is often the case in jewelry, new trends are born in celebrity outfits on the red carpets. For example, during the Met Gala ball at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Chinese actress Zhao Wei put a brooch with tourmalines and diamonds by Tiffany around the waist of her gorgeous purple dress. And during September’s Toronto Film Festival, Natalie Portman adorned the shoulder of a Lanvin dress with a diamond brooch.

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Brooches from Chaumet’s Abeille collection feature signature bees in yellow gold, diamonds and multicolored stones. Butterflies also often appear on brooches, their fluttering can be seen on the exquisite jewelry from Tiffany, Dickson Yewn and Graff.

Chaumet bee brooches, Tiffany butterfly brooch, Graff dragonfly brooch, and Dickson Yewn butterfly brooch

Another timeless motif for a brooch remains the image of a star. So, the Kuwaiti jewelry house Octium has launched a gorgeous collection of star brooches. Clean, geometric image of a star makes these jewelry pieces a great addition to any outfit and embodies the format of a modern brooch. And Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry emphasizes luxury, shining stars of brightly colored gems.

For the German jewelry house Hemmerle, the natural world remains the main source of inspiration, and its jewelry is filled with the aesthetic of natural geometry, such as in these snail-shaped brooches in white gold and diamonds.

Snail brooches by Hemmerle

A brooch can safely be called one of the most ancient types of jewelry, because flint clothes pins have been known since the Paleolithic era. The Byzantines, being indifferent to the play of colors and intricate ornaments, turned simple hairpins into jewelry by adding bright enamel to them.

The fact that the brooch is still an important element of a stylish woman’s (and sometimes man’s) closet, once again confirms the versatility and plasticity of this jewelry. Although, we can’t help noting that it’s important to know how and with what to wear a brooch this year!

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