How to Avoid Breaking or Chipping Your Diamonds ?

Contrary to popular belief, diamonds can be broken or chipped with ease. You may ask how’s that possible? if  diamond is one of the hardest material known to man. Well you won’t be the only one.

A lot of store owners will attest to the fact that they get, from time to time customers who are disgruntled about their diamond breaking or chipping and clueless as to how it could happen.

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Diamonds are strong but relatively brittle, they have property called cleavage, and if you knock it at that plane they WILL break. Diamonds are good for grinding purposes but drop them at the wrong angle and they chip off quite easily.

Shapes like princess and emerald are the most prone to breakage due to their sharp edges. Diamonds set in your ring are again more likely to break compared to earrings and necklaces as they are most likely to be knocked around.

The way to reduce the risk of chipping your diamond is to avoid wearing them when doing hard activities like heavy lifting, outdoor activities, cleaning etc. Also take care when you wear or take your diamond jewelry off, as this the time that you may drop it on a hard surface such as the floor, table or even the bathroom sink.

Follow these simple ways to avoid getting the nasty shock of realizing that you’ve chipped your precious diamond.

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