Inspired by Flora

Ten pieces of jewelry filled with floral and plant motifs are the most summertime jewels.

Throughout history, delicate flowers, sprawling trees, and endless ocean-like grasses have been a source of inspiration for all kinds of art. Artists, sculptors, writers and poets have returned again and again to such seemingly simple and familiar images to endlessly praise them in their works.

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Today we offer to admire ten delightful jewelry items – brooches, necklaces, rings, pendants – in creating which the masters of jewellery business also drew their inspiration from the amazing nature surrounding each of us. Precious stones are probably the best material for these creations, as they were born in the depths of the Earth millions of years ago, and man only helped them to play a little brighter.

Sidney Garber

Sidney opened his first branded boutique back in the 1940s in Chicago and managed to win a large number of loyal fans of his jewelry over the years. Garber passed away in 2008 and the family business was continued by his daughter, Brooke, who maintained a refined and recognizable style in every jewelry piece. Like these two rose and white gold tulip brooches with sapphires, emeralds and diamonds, each worth $23,900.

Michael Aram

Former New York interior designer Michael Aram has found his vocation in creating spectacular, bold, and unusual jewelry. One striking example is the handmade sterling silver bowler necklace in the form of thin tree branches encircling the neck on both sides. The silver branches are set with black and colorless diamonds, and the piece costs $18,000 – it is made to order only.

Pasquale Bruni

Inspired by a beautiful garden, the jewelry by Pasquale Bruni from the Giardini Segreti collection is a perfect blend of sophistication and comfort. Bright and suitable for literally any summer event, this white gold ring with bright yellow heliodor beryl is sure to put its wearer in a sunny mood. The center stone is surrounded by diamonds, and the petals of the flower are adorned with green sapphires and tsavorites. The cost is $14,620.

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Oscar Heyman

The 104-year-old Oscar Heyman jewelry house is known for its playful jewelry, including collaborations with major brands such as Tiffany & Co. and Cartier. The characteristic piece is colored gemstone earrings in platinum and gold: pansies are encrusted with amethysts, tsavorites, diamonds and chrysolites. The cost of the jewelry is $48,000.

Wendy Yue

Nature has always been the main source from which jewelry designer Wendy Yu gets her ideas for new pieces. Of course, it’s not just plants – butterflies and dragonflies, fish and birds, various animals and reptiles got their precious embodiment. The photo above is a large bracelet made of 18 karat white gold with an oval emerald cabochon in the center of the improvised bouquet, as well as tsavorites, sapphires and diamonds on the precious flowers.


The roots of Anita Gumuchan’s history with jewelry go back more than 100 years to Istanbul, where her family began their creative journey. Anita launched her own brand in 1979, and today she continues to create her small masterpieces with her two daughters, Miriam and Patricia. Gumuchian offers very feminine and aesthetic handmade jewelry – such as necklaces with snow-white calla lilies. The translucent crystal buds surrounded by diamonds and emeralds create a very romantic mood. The price for the jewelry is $38,000.

Carnet by Michelle Ong

Michelle Ong is a well-known and incredibly talented Hong Kong jewelry designer. A couple of years ago she celebrated a quarter of a century in the jewelry business and many of her distinguished colleagues, including Joel Arthur Rosenthal, the creator of JAR brand, were happy to congratulate Michelle on her anniversary. According to Joel, Michelle’s jewelry, “is literally devoured by the eye and stays in memory forever.” One such piece is the Dancing Anemone brooch in platinum and titanium with green garnets, diamonds, emeralds, pink sapphires and amethysts.

Shaun Lean

Sean Lin went headlong into jewelry making when he was only 15 years old. Since then he has produced many masterpieces of the highest caliber. One of Lin’s standout pieces is a necklace from the Woodland collection, created in collaboration with Asprey, a premium home goods retailer. It takes the form of fern leaves, inlaid with emeralds and diamonds, and centered on a pear-shaped Colombian emerald pendant weighing 5.1 carats.

Anna Hu

Anna Hu used to play the cello, but over time she has discovered another talent: creating fabulous jewelry studded with multicolored gemstones. For example, it’s impossible to remain indifferent after seeing an Enchanted Orchid two-finger ring at least once. Each petal of the precious orchid is covered with a panoply of diamonds, tourmalines, paraiba and sapphires. In the center is a waterfall of briolette-cut diamonds weighing a total of 49 carats.

Cindy Chao

Taiwanese jewelry artist Cindy Chao has long ago conquered the world with her “live” jewelry, especially her adorable bright butterflies became popular. There is nothing surprising that many major jewelry brands show a desire to work with Chao. One of such collaborations resulted in a truly extraordinary creation – a peculiar fan created together with Forevermark, Plucznik and Global Diamond Jewellery Co. The fan, which, of course, will not give a pleasant coolness, is covered with 2,399 diamonds with a total weight of more than 310 carats.

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