Jacob Jensen: arc, sapphire and edge

The latest lines of jewelry from Jacob Jensen’s signature brand will debut at Baselworld, which will be held this spring in Switzerland.
A total of three collections, Arc, Sapphire and Edge, will have their world premiere at the exhibition.

All three collections are made of high-quality stainless steel with yellow, pink and black gold plating. As is often the case with many other designs from the Jacob Jensen brand, the inspiration for these collections was nature.

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The chalk lines found in some rocks are reflected in the jewelry lines of the Arc collection. As the collection’s name suggests, the designs are also based on the circle’s circumference. The collection includes assorted bracelets, rings and earrings. Standing out are necklaces with a single circular pendant and necklaces with several circles joined together by a steel chain.


If the jewelry in the Arc collection is characterized by a soft, rounded look, the earrings, pendants, necklaces and rings in the Sapphire collection have a more pronounced contour. The contours recreated in these pieces of jewelry serve as echoes of other varieties of stones found walking along the beach. Rings with contrasting bezels in particular give them an attractive decorative look.


Meanwhile, the pendants and necklaces of the Edge collection have a more weighty, geometric look. Rings from this collection are also available in men’s sizes. The color options are numerous: gray, black and rose gold once again borrow their hues from recognizable lakeside landscapes.

The jewelry in the collections has both matte and glossy polishes – and sometimes a combination of the two treatments. Some necklaces have a steel chain, while for others leather bands have been made to create a more informal look.

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