Jado Crown Ring Collection

The Jado Crown Ring is a gender-free jewelry piece in the ring-constructor form factor that looks good on men and women.
These stylish, sparkling and full of New York City-inspired unisex rings were launched by New York-based jewelry firm Jado. Each ring consists of four separate pieces that can be combined with each other in 21 different ways! You can wear each piece individually, all together, or combine two or three pieces to create your own unique style.

Inspired by the structure of the planets and the movement of cosmic bodies, the design consists of 12 curved lines reflecting numerical patterns found in both nature and art. The interlocking rings are available in four versions – yellow, rose gold, white gold and rhodium-plated black gold – and set with diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

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The versatility of the Jado Crown ring allows anyone, regardless of gender, social status or profession, to express their mood and personal style with it.

William Jadot

For two decades, Jado has acted as an order maker for industry giants such as Tiffany & Co., Bochic Co., Mimi So and Isaak Mizrahi, but this is the first time the company has produced its own collection. The innovative design on which the Jado Crown concept is built is so unique that Jado took care to obtain a patent and trademark registration for the design to deny competitors the opportunity to copy it.

“Jado Crown Designer Rings” were first unveiled to the public during September’s New York Fashion Week. The rings are already available to order on Jado’s website, and the collection will soon arrive in jewelry galleries and boutiques on both sides of the Atlantic.

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