Jewelry as a witch is the unobvious trend of the decade

Lately, we’ve been feeling a certain warmth toward witches. They even made remakes of the beloved Suspiria, Enchanted, and Sabrina for us, or for the younger generations. We trust fate, health, exams, and interviews to crystals, which we carefully examine for compatibility with our energy field before putting in our purse. Mysticism has become our favorite and almost the most soulful subject for conversations with friends. And fashion, like any art, reflects the time in which we live. So how does this fascination affect our closet?

Alessandro Michele is the main lover of the theme of witchcraft in the industry. It is enough to remember his sensational Gucci fall-winter show 2018, when the models came out in turbans and with their own heads in their hands, and the role of a pet for some played by dragons. In long dresses from the designer’s collections you can easily go not only to a social premiere, but also to a seance with a dress code. Gabriella Hurst on the wave of gemology enthusiasm in her debut collection for Chloé suggested wearing a talisman around her neck, instead of hiding it from prying eyes. After all, real amulets are very aesthetic, and most often they owe their beauty to precious stones hiding the natural force and powerful energy. Take a ring with an emerald, which has become the main jewelry object of desire – in different cultures, the shimmering deep green stone has many meanings, but all of them are associated with positive changes in health, family and financial well-being.

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Sotheby’s recently auctioned off a witch’s trunk with a book of spells, crosses, and various other gadgets whose names we don’t even know. The jewelry you see below could easily have been in the witch’s box. From silver fangs to gorgeous jewels with black diamonds and hypnotic opals and more, these pieces of jewelry will not only draw all eyes to you, but will probably become reliable amulets against dark forces from the outside.

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