John Dyer’s Five Gems

Unique, one-of-a-kind fantasy cuts by a true artist and master jeweler.
We present to your attention 5 magnificent cut gems by John Dyer, which were represented at the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show (January 31 – February 12), as well as at the Gem & Jewelry Exchange show (February 4 – 9).

Green tourmaline, 3.87 carats, $2,476

John Dyer has won more than 40 awards for gem cutting, 37 of which were given to him during the AGTA Cutting Edge competition. And every one of those awards was rightfully his – what this master jeweler from Idine, Minnesota, does with precious gems is admirable!

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He takes stout, unremarkable lumps, arms himself with tools, and doesn’t stop until yesterday’s “ugly duckling” reveals all its structural complexity and plays with true colors.

Tanzanite, 5.17 carats, $3,930
Citrine, 8.12 carats, $894
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