Lorenz Baumer’s Gemstones

Jewelry designer Lawrence Baumer’s main passion is rare colored gemstones, which are perfect for creating exclusive cocktail rings.
“We are entering a new cycle of the jewelry industry,” he told Jewellery Outlook during an interview in his spacious and elegant showroom over a glass of fine rum and green tea.

Bracelet in 18K white gold and titanium with many precious stones: green tourmalines and paraiba tourmalines, aquamarines, blue, yellow and orange sapphires, tsavorites and colorless diamonds

Люди начинают лучше понимать собственные желания: они хотят чего-то уникального или изготовленного специально для них. Мои клиенты — очень искушённые люди. Они требуют особенного подхода и необычных украшений.

Lawrence Baumer is best known for his exquisite jewelry, inspired by architectural forms and not devoid of poetry.

He embraces new jewelry techniques with open arms and prefers to work with unusual materials.

Among the jewels he created are amazing diamonds engraved with a variety of images, and jewelry with such rare materials as tanzanite and even meteorites.


Lawrence Baumer loves color, which always occupies an important place in his works and creates a tremendous visual effect in the windows of his showroom.

We work a lot with gemstones – creating cocktail rings with significant stones, such as colored diamonds.

Lawrence has worked with many colored diamonds, including such rarities as green and pink stones.

However, diamonds are not the only thing that attracts him: he believes that some gems, such as spinel, are undervalued among jewelers.

Spinel is still valued below its real value, even though their price has increased in recent years.

In addition, the designer believes that rare jewelry is a profitable investment.

First, you have to choose a piece of jewelry that you truly love. And then it’s possible that someone else will love it if you want to sell it.

Lawrence Baumer’s showroom is very close to the Paris Ritz Hotel, which is undergoing a major renovation.

When the Ritz reopens, footfall at the Lawrence showroom will increase and more international clients will be introduced to the brand amid the recession in the French economy.

“We’re working to increase brand awareness in Asia,” Lawrence says.

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