Machete – pulp jewelry

If you can’t find something in the store, do it yourself – the truth of life that has stimulated the development of many interesting projects. The Machete brand is one of them – the founder of the brand Jennifer Matchett is just crazy about tortoiseshell jewelry. It was hard to find this color on the shelves, and she decided it was time to take things into her own hands and make her own earrings, rings and hairpins in the brown spot.

The brand was just recently launched in March of this year. Jennifer made a few test pairs of earrings – some of them she sold through the Internet and immediately received orders for the next batch. Business went uphill, and after a couple of months the brand expanded its assortment, now there are other colors in the arsenal.

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Jennifer likes simple things, but that are different from everything else. When she tried to find the right tortoiseshell earrings, she either didn’t like the color combination or the aesthetics of the jewelry itself, so she decided to try making her own. Each shade in a cellulose product is created separately – several different colored compounds are mixed together and pressed. So the process takes a long time. But despite this, the cost is still reasonable – small earrings will cost $22, large – $48.

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