Memories Egg – a $268,000 diamond Easter egg

With two weeks to go until Easter, it’s time for those who plan to give a memento to their loved ones to go in search of one. In the meantime, we will tell you about one of the most expensive Easter eggs in the world.

Diamond Memories Egg

The Memories Egg is the creation of Jefferies of London. Jeweler Martin Jefferies created this extravagant Easter egg in 18-carat white gold and inlaid it with 910 D-color diamonds (flawless bluish-white) weighing about 60 carats. And it is not just an expensive souvenir – it can be used as a medallion. If you open the egg, each half of it has a miniature yellow gold photo frame attached to it. The set includes a gold chain, though the convenience of carrying such a product is rather controversial – the size of Memories Egg is 58 mm high by 38 mm in diameter.

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We all know that the egg itself is a symbol of fertility and rebirth. And the creator of Memories Egg Martin Jefferies generally agrees with this symbolism. In his opinion, the jewelry created, thanks to the shape chosen, embodies a universal symbol of life, unity, peace, love.

On the other hand, despite the deep meaning that the jeweler tried to put into his creation, Memories Egg remains a jewel in the most literal sense, and its value is measured in quite mundane monetary units. The cost of the luxurious Easter egg was $268,380, or €248,250.

Jefferies is a third-generation British jeweler and his past employers include Fabergé and Asprey. His work has won numerous awards at the prestigious Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design Awards. Some of his work has been presented as gifts to Queen Elizabeth II.

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