Miniatures in all their glory: Moonka Studio

Moonka Studio, a young jewelry brand, has launched its precious Opalescence collection. Gold and diamonds are surrounded by amethysts and tsavorites (the green variety of garnet), as well as tiny cabochons of opal, which gave the collection its name. Don’t let the size embarrass you, Moonka Studio are connoisseurs of the genre barely noticeable and very beautiful.

The team of the brand understands it very well. The small lookbook is very successfully shot on the doll’s furniture. The total weight of stones in each piece does not exceed 0.5 carat, and the tiny chairs and sofas play around with this idea. The core of the collection consists of stud earrings and rings – clusters and jackets that can be effectively combined with each other. The average price of the jewelry is pleasing and allows you to put together a nice set right away.

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