My shopping experience (erfahrungen) at Cancri Jewelry. Reviews about the jewelry company. The whole truth about cashback and Booking Card

You may have already heard about the international jewelry brand Cancri Jewelry. The peculiarity of this company is a unique, marketing strategy – increased cashback for jewelry purchases.

What’s unique about it? Discounts and cashback are common in any store.

But here we are talking about 260% of the cashback!

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Yes, you not only get back 100% of the value of the product, but also on top of 160%. In other words – purchasing on $100 will set you back $260 over the course of a year.

But it’s cheating! – The reader will say.

In this article, I will use my experience to show you all the possibilities and all the risks involved in buying jewelry at Cancri Jewelri. By spending just 20 minutes of your time to read this article, you can make an impressive additional income.

About Cancri Jewelry

Cancri Jewelry is an international chain of jewelry stores. The main office is located in Turkey (in Istanbul), and stores have already been opened in many cities in Turkey, Spain and France. Between 2021 and 2023 it is planned to open more stores in 18 European and Asian countries. All stores are located in prestigious areas, showcasing thousands of designer luxury jewelry made of gold and diamonds, whose quality is confirmed by international certificates. See reviews from the company’s top manager Jim Kramer about Cancri Jewelry’s ambitious plans

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Photo from the Cancri Jewelry store

Where does the money come from to pay out such a high cashback?

The information on Cancri Jewelry’s official website states, “The average markup on jewelry in the store is 300%. When you buy a piece from us for 50€, we invest that money back into manufacturing. As a result, we make 3 new pieces for that amount, which we sell to new customers. As a bonus for the profits the company makes, you get cashback”.

Everyone knows that jewelry brands make a markup of 300 – 1000%, which allows them to have super profits. It is because of this high markup most of the jewelry companies around the world are able to give discounts to customers of 20, 50 or even 70%. Cancri Jewelry chose their own strategy: the fact that the company shares most of their profits with partners and regular customers, without spending money on advertising, makes the brand more recognizable. The rapid growth of sales could be the envy of even the well-known leaders of the jewelry market.

What kind of bonuses do customers get?

Cancri Jewelry has a simple bonus payment system for customers. All customers will receive during the year:

  • 6% per week or 312% for the year on gift card purchases;
  • 3.5% per week or 182% per year on gold jewelry purchases;
  • 5% a week or 260% for the year on diamond jewelry

Bonuses for Associates

Active customers of Cancri Jewelry can have extra income by recommending the jewelry brand to their friends. To become a partner, you need to register, make a purchase from 100€ and invite one or more new customers through your referral link. Partners receive from 5 to 20% of all purchases of their friends. The payment percentages depend on the turnover. All information about your invited partners, turnover and payments can be viewed in a convenient personal cabinet. Cancri’s personal account deserves only the best reviews. Everything is convenient and intuitive.

Promotions from Cancri Jewellery

The jewelry company regularly holds promotions and drawings for its customers and partners. For example, right now, when buying jewelry or certificates each buyer receives +20% immediately to their purchase and in the future receives an additional cashback on that amount.

In the future there will be raffles for valuable gifts, vacation packages and cars!

How do I become a customer of Cancri Jewelry?

Go to Cancri Jewelry registration page. Registration is free, just like in the usual online store: enter your phone number, to which you will receive a confirmation SMS, full name, think of a password and repeat it twice. The generated six-digit code in the field with an arrow should be left unchanged. That’s it!

What is a Booking Card?

A Booking Card is a reserved purchase. In simple words, it is a gift certificate, like in any other jewelry salon or cosmetics store. The certificate is valid for 3 years, and you can exchange the certificate for jewelry in any store of this jewelry chain.

Cashback on the purchase of the certificate is 6% per week or 312% per year.

The main feature of the Booking Card is that after its “redemption” you will still continue to receive cashback according to the contract, but in a smaller amount: if you redeem the certificate for diamonds, it is 5% per week, if for gold, it is 3,5%.

If there is no Cancri Jewelry store in your city yet, you can buy online only Booking Card with a regular bank card or using modern payment systems AdvCash, Perfect Money.

You can receive weekly payments to your bank card in EUR or in USDT to any of your e-wallets that support ERC-20 or TRC-20.

Exchange certificates for the products you can now in the stores of the network in Turkey, Spain, France and 18 more countries in Europe and Asia in the near future

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Cancri Jewelry reviews

I want to say right away that you should be very careful with any kind of feedback, because most of these reviews are written by custom copywriters. Positive reviews ( erfahrungen ) can be written by employees, and negative comments can be left by competitors.

Cancri Jewelry Customer Reviews

Among the reviews posted online, there are a lot of comments from real customers of Cancri Jewelry. Reviews are left by people from different countries, video testimonials show real buyers in stores, reviews of the personal accounts and screenshots of payments received.

About negative reviews

We can write a separate article about who and why leaves negative reviews on the internet). In short, Cancri Jewelry is written by negative feedbacks commissioned by competitors, feedback sites that hype up trending search queries, MLM reffers that involve people in dubious investment projects and pyramid schemes.

My shopping experience at Cancri Jewelry

I found out about Cancri Jewelry back in May 2021 from my friends, jewelers from Turkey. In the spring of 2021, the company launched a large-scale advertising campaign, which is still being discussed with the envy of all Turkish jewellers. Turkey is a small country, and everybody knows about everybody. My friends advised me to become a partner in a promising project, because they communicate with the employees of Cancri stores and know the extensive plans of the chain owners.

Watch the opening of Cancri Jewelry store in Istanbul

I bought certificates (a few 500 euro purchases), which by the Fall had already paid off completely, and now I get a net income.

I have posted several articles about the Cancri Jewelry project, and I already have my own network of associates and a leadership level. That’s why everyone who registers at Cancri Jewelry through my affiliate link will automatically receive +30% to their purchase immediately, and also will receive cashback on that amount as well in the future. Follow my link

I had already been in Turkey, saw the high quality of the jewelry from Cancri Jewelry and redeemed the certificates.

Cancri Jewelri risks

Shopping for jewelry at Cancri Jewelri is a completely sercure deal. After all, when you buy jewelry in a store, you take it with you right away.

The only risk is not getting a full cashback payment. Cashback is an additional bonus, part of the company’s profits, if the company’s income ceases, then the cashback payment, respectively, also.

But, once again, let me remind you that the purchased jewelry, stays with you immediately after purchase, and to get even part of such a large cashback is already an impressive bonus.

Under the terms of the contract, buyers of products and certificates in three months already fully refund to their bank cards its full value! And already all subsequent payments will go to profit!

I think that the benefits of cashback from Cancri Jewelry far outweigh any possible risks.

In order to feel confident as much as possible, try to purchase the jewelry, and if you buy a gift certificate, you can redeem it as soon as possible.

By registering with my link you will automatically receive +20% to your purchase!

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