Myths and mysteries of the Nile in the new Hermès Niloticus collection

Egypt and its mythology have long served as inspiration for many jewelers, but Hermès, true to its originality, has taken the idea to a whole new level.

Necklace of pink gold with diamonds and semi-precious stones.

The Hermès Egyptian jewelry looks like the work of designer Pierre Hardy, who has already repeatedly collaborated with the Parisian jewelry house on other collections. The jewels of the new Hermès Niloticus collection are named after a great ancient kingdom and its most famous amphibious reptile – and the analogy is not accidental, because the jewels of the new line are frighteningly similar to crocodile skin. Hardy managed to copy the scales of the most dangerous predator inhabiting the waters of the Nile with disconcerting accuracy.

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Rose gold bracelet with pear-shaped iolite, baguette-cut beryls and classic-cut diamonds.

Each large, irregularly shaped gold scale is attached to the next, forming a kind of pink gold chainmail that clings to the wearer’s skin and ripples with each step he takes. The jewelry has a strangely alluring beauty similar to the mysterious appeal of the crocodile itself basking in the golden rays of the sun reflecting off its moist scales. Hermès Niloticus marvelously combines hidden menace and natural beauty.

Boutons d’Oreilles earrings in pink gold with peridots and diamonds.

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