New brand: Mineral Weather

The Mineral Weather jewelry brand is a joint project of artists Sasha Olkhovsky and Anna Pavlova. The tandem finds inspiration in the beauty of nature and creates real masterpieces from minerals, ceramics and metal. All items are handmade in the Moscow workshop. Sasha is responsible for silver, bronze and melchior jewelry, and Anya works with ceramics and porcelain, creating touching brooches and necklaces.

Most of the pieces are produced in a single copy. The main goal of the creative duo is to create not just jewelry, but talismans. You can wear them on your body or store on the shelf – in all cases the pieces look very impressive and delight the eye with their whimsical shape. Mineral Weather also makes more laconic silver jewelry that will fit perfectly into everyday looks. You can buy the jewelry at the brand’s website. Some of the collection is always in stock, but some rings will have to wait – many of the jewelry pieces are made to order.

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