Nicki Minaj’s heart-shaped diamond

The singer published a photo of the ring with a gorgeous yellow diamond on her left ring finger. The Internet immediately started talking about Nicki’s engagement to rapper Meek Mill.
For those who follow the world of jewelry, however, the most exciting question was about the fashion trends this ring sets. This year, Nicki Minaj became the second performer to favor a heart-shaped cut (Lady Gaga debuted a heart-shaped diamond on February 16). How quickly the fashion changes! Compared to Nicki Minaj’s ring, Lady Gaga’s jewelry looks, one might say, conservative.

I think the center diamond weighs about 15 carats, but without a side view it’s hard to guess the exact weight. Nicki has taken the classic design – a double halo of diamonds – and supplemented it with an unusual central piece with a heart-cut yellow diamond.

Adelaide Polk-Bauman, director of public relations at Forevermark Jewelry

According to Polk-Bauman, yellow diamonds, especially ones of this size, are in high demand and very expensive. The stone in Minaj’s ring, for example, she estimates at least $500,000.

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The heart-shaped cut is more popular in Japan than in the United States, but if fashionistas from the world of show business like it, we can expect a significant increase in demand.

Polk Bauman

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