Object of desire: De Beers mascot ring

Before becoming a symbol of love and luxury, diamonds were considered a good luck charm. Or rather, that role was played by diamonds, rough stones. De Beers, more than anyone else, knows the history of diamonds and brings back this tradition in its Talisman collection with uncut diamonds.

This line has been renewed for several years and has already managed to become the “mascot” of De Beers. Its main secret is the special technique of setting the serti poinçon stones, which allows the crystal to shine even in uncut form. The effect is strengthened by the handmade settings of embossed white, yellow and rose gold and design inspired by ancient medallions.

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One of the collection’s highlights is a massive ring, eight millimeters wide, with three rows of diamonds. It is made of 18-carat gold, on which 70 diamonds, weighing about 2.26 carats in total, sparkle. A canvas of polished diamonds frames the rough, uncut stones, accentuating their character. The perfect meaningful New Year’s gift for yourself or a loved one.

Talisman large band ring in 18K yellow gold with diamonds, De Beers
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