Oriental Sutra Treasures

Along with autumn we are inexorably approaching the party season. Some lucky women have a dozen or two to go out with a strict dress code. Dresses are ordered? Perfect. Think jewelry. Those who prefer bright colors and love gems more than diamonds (or at least as much) are invariably taken care of by Sutra, a family-owned brand from New Delhi.

This time, the main stones of the new season are pink sapphires, the closest relatives of rubies, and Ethiopian opals, some of whose colored highlights are in perfect harmony with the main palette. Rose gold echoes this trend. Lovers of cold shine can choose white gold jewelry with diamonds and blue stones, such as Ceylon sapphires and African tanzanites. The cosmic shine of Ethiopian opals does not fade from such a juxtaposition. The Indian jewelry school is usually responsible for the most interesting combinations in the world fashion.

White gold ring with tanzanite and diamonds.
White gold earrings with sapphires, opals and diamonds.
White gold ring with emeralds and sapphires.
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