Patrick Mavros collection dedicated to amazing pangolins

The African premium brand has created a capsule collection of jewelry, part of the proceeds of sales of which will go to the Tikki Hywood Trust to save rare pangolins.

Pangolin jewelry by Patrick Mavros

It was no accident that the Patrick Mavros family brand decided to support Tikki Hywood’s initiative to protect African pangolins. These amazing mammals have been part of the family’s history since Patrick Mavros Sr. has been looking after several individuals for some time. So when the idea came up to create a themed jewelry collection, Patrick Mavros Jr. approached the Tikki Hywood Foundation with a business proposal: the foundation would provide the opportunity to watch pangolins, and the brand for its part would financially support Tikki Hywood.

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One of the motivators for Patrick Mavros was a great desire to show that jewelry can help to do good. And what could be a greater good than protecting an amazing living creature – unique in its kind – that is increasingly being exterminated by poachers every year.

Pangolins are mammalian lizards covered in many scales. For all their similarities to armadillos, pangolins are, according to research, distantly related to bears. And the main problem of pangolins is that they are very popular in Africa and Asia – as an exclusive dish and as a source for medicines. Moreover, the latter has no scientific evidence, although some healers claim that the scales can cure countless diseases up to cancer.

As a result, pangolins have recently been reclassified from “endangered” to “critically endangered,” indicating the need for urgent action to protect the animals before they are completely wiped off the face of the Earth.

The resulting Pangolin jewelry collection focused on the scales covering the animal’s body: bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces skillfully convey the strange and extraordinary beauty of the pangolin. The materials used are silver as well as rose and yellow gold. Each piece bears both bold and vibrant elegance combined with the unique spirit of wild Africa.

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10% from the sale of each Patrick Mavros Pangolin jewelry piece will go to the Tikki Hywood Trust.

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