Precious steel: the Rolex watch

It’s amazing that we now perceive a woman’s Rolex watch as a classic, a basic solution and even – imagine – a good tone. In the early 2000s, girls chose the now iconic Datejust not only out of love, but also to tell the world something about their character. Generally strong-willed and not simple. Even earlier, it was considered chic to wear large and deliberately masculine Rolexes. Now there are no rules or codes, even if the range of the brand still contains models with the prefix “Lady” so that you know exactly where to look for diamond bezels and colorful dials. The Lady-Datejust 28 is a very beautiful watch, a spectacular combination of cold steel and delicate pink enamel.

You can choose between the Oyster or Jubilee bracelets, which have a new inconspicuous attachment system. The designers took it away under the bezel, a decision that has had a noticeable effect on the geometry of the watch. Another innovation is caliber 2236, a new generation movement with automatic winding function. The Syloxi spiral, resistant to magnetic fields and temperature variations, is responsible for the watch’s super-precision. The caliber’s shock resistance, just in case, is higher than that of most chronometers with this type of function. After all, whatever the color of the dial, it’s a real luxury to be able to take care of your favorite watch if you suddenly go on an adventure in it. Below are all the new Lady-Datejusts.

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