Radiant Collection by Leyla Abdollahi

The toy kaleidoscope, which can mesmerize and captivate not only a child but also an adult, is the inspiration for the new Radiant collection.
Leila Abdollahi, known for her colorful jewelry and flowing, organic design lines, explores the concept of structure in the new collection with mirror patterns woven from rhodolites, tourmalines, amethysts and “ice” topazes.

The magic of the random but symmetrical patterns, their endless combinations of colors and the ever-changing pattern have an almost hypnotic effect. I often turn to these intricate patterns and bright colors in search of new ideas, and every time I can’t stop admiring them.

The Radiant collection is made of 750-gold and contains jewelry for every taste. On the one hand, there is a massive, structured necklace that seems to flow around the neck. On the other hand, the collection offers elegant and lightweight pieces, such as a ring that encircles the finger with two bands of different-cut gemstones.

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Playful shapes and colors create a unified image, which is the quintessence of this collection.

Also in a new line successfully woven into the modern trend in the direction of monochrome jewelry, where there is one dominant color and the pattern is created by combining its shades.

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