Rich colors and spectacular design in Ara Vartanian jewelry

Bright colors and sparkling luxury reflect the passionate nature and energy of Brazil, the homeland of jeweler Ara Vartanian.
The designer creates unique pieces made of multicolored precious stones combined with modern geometric design. Ara Vartanian jewelry is popular among such irresistible beauties as Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen.

Ara is a hereditary jeweler and his brother, Jack, works with him. Vartanyan highly appreciates precious stones of bright and unusual colors and often starts a real hunt for them. His production includes blue tourmalines from Paraiba, pigeon-blood rubies, and tanzanites. If Ara has his eye on any gemstone, he’s sure to get it. “They just have to be mine,” smiles the jeweler.

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Unique stones deserve a unique design, so the earrings from Ara Vartanian enchant with intertwining elements, gemstone rings braid boldly around part of the arm, and diamonds are turned upside down to add originality and sexiness.

In one ring, diamonds in a geometric pattern surround a tourmaline paraiba of a striking icy turquoise hue, and in another, a massive kunzite that resembles an octopus head unleashes tentacles of white and black diamonds. A necklace of clear lines of tanzanite and diamonds will rest seductively on the neck of its lucky owner.

Of course, this is bold jewelry for the confident. Sometimes it’s hard for the jeweler himself to tear himself away from them. But I even like that pain when I part with another piece of jewelry.

jokes Ara.
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