Rock Lobster – unusual decorations for the living room by Kara Ross

In her new project, Lobster Objets D’art, Cara Ross has combined images inspired by her career in the jewelry industry and hangouts in Southampton and Palm Beach.
Cara Ross’s new creations should not be relegated to mere desk baubles, insists Hilary Hurd Gurley, director of public relations at Cara’s firm, who, when a JCK reporter interviewed her, wanted to rush out of the Manhattan headquarters for the Rock Lobster collection debut on Madison Avenue.

Lobsters are sculptures for the home, objects that will decorate the center of the table. It is a flexible solution, you will be able to find the perfect place for them in the living room. These decorations combine two of Cara’s passions – precious jewelry and entertaining guests.

Hilary Hurd Gurley
18-karat gold-plated brass lobster, $495

At the Kara Ross boutique, you could see a showcase of 10 ornate sea creatures (three different models are currently available). Kara’s lobsters are large – 35 by 19 centimeters – and made of mother-of-pearl resin with 18-karat gold-plated brass inlays adorned with crystals.

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Retail prices for the jewelry in the collection are in the $495-$595 range, and Ross promises to expand the collection with new lobsters soon.

18-karat gold-plated brass lobster, $545

And to celebrate the launch of the collection, Cara treated guests – at least those of them who showed her “tweets” and Instagram photos from the collection’s debut – to lobster rolls from Luke’s Lobster. The treat started around half past one and ended at the third hour – when the store ran out of lobster rolls.

18-karat gold-plated brass lobster, $595

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