Romantic Circle of Love collection by Shimansky

Circle of Love is the unbreakable bond of two loving hearts. It is the immutability of feelings and boundless devotion to each other.
Circle of Love is a new collection from Shimansky jewelry brand dedicated to the most important and memorable moment in the lives of people in love – the moment when a man and a woman get together and go on a long and exciting journey.

The collection offers a set for lovers: a Circle of Love engagement ring and a pair of matching engagement rings for him and for her. This extraordinary jewelry is a promise of eternal love and partnership, given to each other on the solemn day of marriage. The two rings, sparkling circles of diamonds set with the highest precision on either side of the bezel, symbolize the closed circle of the marriage bond. Endless love that lasts a lifetime.

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The seemingly concise and simple form is perhaps the most perfect in the world, for a circle is always something whole, it has no beginning, just as it has no end. And in marriage we promise a love and devotion that has no boundaries. This is the conviction that guided South African jeweler Yair Shimansky when he designed the Circle of Love.

Each jewelry of the brand, each collection and even a cut stone is filled with the desire to share with the world the beauty and romance of tender feelings that inspire for the greatest feats. So Evolym jewelry line hides the true essence of sparkling jewelry already in its name, because in reverse reading it looks like My Love.

Love is an infinite and multi-faceted feeling, which means there are a lot of unique Shimansky products filled with tenderness and perfect beauty of precious stones ahead of us.

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