Sabine G art deco jewelry

Sabine Ganem founded her London-based firm just two years ago, but she has already won many fans thanks to her graceful and colorful jewelry.
The Sabine G brand, which bears the name of its creator, has just recently added the prestigious online jewelry store Latest Revival to its client list. Previous conquests include London’s Matches and Browns, New York’s Bergdorf Goodman, Maxfield in Los Angeles and Montaigne Market in Paris.

Sabine G Sabine Ganem is the founder of the brand.

Sabina’s latest collection, Harlequin, was inspired by the colorful Art Deco trend and features white diamonds contrasting with pink, yellow and blue sapphires and enamel in every imaginable shade.

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Especially for Latest Revival, she has also designed a six-piece One of a Kind collection that will be sold alongside her core offering. The exclusive line includes delightful rectangular rings, pendants and drop earrings in yellow gold with diamonds and sapphires.

Dalia Oberlander, founder and executive director of Latest Revival, says she is drawn to Sabina’s aesthetic and her professed philosophy of creating jewelry with its own story that will pass from generation to generation while remaining something personal to its current owner.

The Latest Revival team strives to provide their clients with a fresh and interesting set of jewelry, and we are close to a style that blends the old with the new. The collection that Sabina designed specifically for us is a direct reflection of that philosophy, and we’re extraordinarily excited to share these beautiful pieces of jewelry that give the Art Deco style a fresh, modern twist.

Chic and at the same time elegant Sabine G jewelry harmoniously combines modern elegance with references to the past. For example, for her debut collection, Relic, Sabine was inspired by the engravings on a XII century casket.

Another reliable source of inspiration for Sabina is the generous mix of Eastern and Western cultures from her childhood, which she spent in Beirut and Geneva before enrolling in New York at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America. Her intricate designs speak of the greatest attention to detail, and all her jewelry is made in Florence by the finest Italian craftsmen.

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