Stylish jewelry with pearls for every day

Miniature jewelry with pearls for every day doesn’t have to look boring. Just take a look at these pieces, and you’ll know it’s not!
Let’s leave the gorgeous glittery jewelry for the red carpets, and turn to something that adds sparkle or style to everyday life. After all, jewelry doesn’t just need glamorous evening gowns, but something you can wear on any day. Agree, everyone has their favorite jeans with the perfect amount of “wear,” roomy t-shirts and crazy soft cashmere sweaters for a cozy evening out.

Necklace and ring with pearls by Georg Jensen from Neva collection

Pearls have long had a place of honor in any jewelry collection, but lately – thanks in part to Kate Middleton, the chief fashionista of the British court – their popularity has increased even more. So it’s no surprise that, in search of inspiration, many contemporary designers are beginning to experiment with this extraordinary gemstone.

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Small jewels for every day are not at all like the conservative classic strands of pearl beads, traditional for an evening out. Playful and elegant, they will always be appropriate, whether you are going to work, on a date or to a cocktail party.

Dainty pearl earrings are the perfect way to tone down a messy hairstyle. When there’s no time to even heat up a curling iron, simply pull your hair into a sloppy bun and complete it with McCaul Goldsmiths’ Tahiti pearl earrings or Mizuki’s gold freshwater pearl shower earrings.

The calm golden luster of South Seas pearls looks great on the earrings-pouset from British brand Winterson. And the original “carnations” from Mikimoto, allow you to wear Akoya pearls on either side of the earlobe.

Danish brand Georg Jensen recently expanded its collections with modern pearl jewelry that is ideal for everyday wear. The Neva collection includes a whole series of eye-catching pearl necklaces, rings and bracelets.

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British designer Melanie Georgacopoulos generally made pearls the main theme of her jewelry, for which she received the honorary title of “the queen of modern pearls. Brazilian designer Amanda Gerbasi, who launched her Kattri brand in 2012, also did not ignore pearls and included gorgeous black and purple pearls from Tahiti in her new Assymetry collection inspired by Art Deco style.

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