Stylish pendants by Lily Gabriella

London-based jewelry brand Lily Gabriella introduced a new collection of pendants with an original geometric design.

Pink gold pendant with olivine and colorless diamonds.

The designer Lily Gabriella Elia founded the jewelry brand of the same name in 2011. Elia herself was born in Rio de Janeiro and currently lives in Monaco. In 2008, Elia graduated from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and joined the jewelry department at Christie’s Auction House in Geneva. She also worked with Joel Arthur Rosenthal, the creator of JAR Jewelry, on jewelry design.

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Gabriella’s new collection features concise yet striking white and rose gold, 750 proof, inlaid with colored and classic colorless diamonds, as well as a rainbow of precious and semiprecious stones.

Here are the key pieces from the pendant line:

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